As a 21 year old Albanian-American bedroom beat maker, Armend Kaleshi (Armend Hammer) continues to follow his aspirations as a multi-genre music producer.

Over the years, he has immensely attained the craft of mixing music, DJing, and even has long term goals that include becoming a mastering engineer. Armend says that one of the best decisions he has ever made was attending SAE Institute of Atlanta where he was able to comfortably maintain a 4.0 gpa and involved himself in many types of programs to help elevate his experience in different several aspects of music. What sets Armend Hammer aside from his peers is his self-motivation. After his battle with A.L.L. in 2014, Armend continues to pursue his dreams of changing the world through music one way or another. With love and support from artists like ill Gates and Bassnectar, Armend Hammer continues to search for new ways to push the boundaries to create his own identity by making very mysterious, unique, yet relaxing pieces of music.

Armend works on his craft daily and is always trying to take his music to the next level. For example, he is currently working on utilizing Ableton for not just his production but live sets as well using hardware like the Ableton Push and Traktor mix controllers. Armend is working at Bravo Ocean Studios in Atlanta where he works with phenomenal artists who all learn from each other and collaborate on fresh pop and EDM.

Armend makes time to work on his own craft as much as he can, while maintaining relationships, and working on his goals. Armend has always gotten excitement out of rather challenging situations; whether it’s been overcoming nearly impossible life obstacles, or mapping the I/O setup for an inoperative recording session. His motivation simply derives not just from the finished outcome or product, but more importantly, the illuminating journey it took to get there.

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