S.Korea born producer JEDI is a multi-genre music producer.

Grew up in Virginia, JEDI made his move to California after dropping out of college in his 2nd year at WVU and attended MI in Hollywood where he interned for Artisans Of War Records and went on to become a head engineer / in-house producer.

Combining his root of Hip Hop culture with his extraordinary sound designs JEDI brings an action packed never heard before sounds to the listeners. His innovative way of combining the two different worlds of music together earned him a premiere of his first single “Escaping Lasers” on BBC1xtra’s Diplo and Friend’s show.

JEDI has continued to release amazing work of music since then and has quickly become a producer to take notice. JEDI has been receiving overwhelming amount of love from support from various reputable blogs and continues to surprise the listeners with every release!

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