The new music video on What So Not ft LPX – Better is out on YouTube, and it is Great!

What So Not – Better Lyrics

How’s it gonna feel
when you come down from choking on your spite
and there’s no one let to fight for you

cuz I heard you been tasting blood
you’re wasted every night
oh you know you wasted all your rights with me

I’m better than a sweet lie
better than a cheap night
better than the way to drag me to feel alive

while you’re stuck on the dark side
I’ll be on that new high
I don’t need a bitter pill to keep me satisfied

I’m better than a …

hope you find what you were looking for
that all your dreams come true
if they don’t you know just who to blame

what you gonna do when panic hits
their claws are stuck in you
don’t look back in the rear view
I’m gone

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